Omega J8006 Review: Still the best low speed masticating juicer in 2020!

The Omega J8006 is a very popular juicer receiving thousands of positive reviews. One of the strongest points of Omega J8006 is that its parts are made of commercial-grade materials, yet the appliance is designed for home/non-commercial use. It is a masticating juicer which is considered the most efficient variant among all available types. Besides the materials, this juicer also has other useful features described as follows.

1. Dual-stage extraction

Ensuring its efficiency, the Omega J8006 comes with dual-stage extraction, meaning the produce will be processed twice through the mechanism in order to deliver more volume of juice. During the first extraction, your fruit or vegetable will be crushed to make the juice, leaving the pulp. In the second stage of extraction, the pulp is also squeezed. It leaves very dry pulp and brings more juice with more nutrients.

2. Masticating juicer

Among all types of juicers, masticating variant is considered the most efficient. The juicing process goes very slowly, thus it runs in a very low temperature. The Omega J8006 runs at 80 RPM. The absence of heat minimizes the possibility of oxidation, so the nutrients contained in the fruit or vegetable remains intact even after the juicing process. Furthermore, you can store the juice for 72 hours without any considerable degradation in terms of form and nutritional value.

3. Warranty

The materials indeed promise great durability value, yet the manufacturer offers an excellent 15-year warranty, ensuring its overall quality. It is one of the longest warranty offers in the industry.

4. Durable parts

The auger is made of GE’s ULTEM material. It is 8 times stronger compared to most plastic materials equipped in juicers. The Omega J8006 also consists of few parts only, so you can easily assemble, disassemble, clean, and reassemble it.



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